Friday, April 27, 2007

bloggin' it up.

Here I am, world. I have created a blog to entertain the time-fritterers and procrastinators and internet junkies of the world. I chose a mathish name for the blog because I intend to post my latest greatest theorems and breakthroughs here. Or at least my favorite GSP sketches and pictures and rants about being a mathematics teacher in India.

So here I sit, wondering anxiously if my color scheme is intellectual enough and if my title conjures the necessary mystique to succeed with the readers.

To occupy you til next I post:

-Fold any piece of paper into a golden rectangle.
-Use Excel to list the prime factorizations of the integers from 1 to 10,000.
-Trisect an angle using only a compass and an unmarked straightedge.

I was able to do the first two.


  1. this is my own comment to make myself look popular

  2. You are a master of words and your writing puts a smile on my face. I love reading your unique perspective on life. Thank you for writing.

  3. I am all of those things and will consume your new-age media with a voracious appetite. I wish I had a troupe of monkeys on my roof...