Thursday, May 10, 2007

je pense

Yesterday I tried to find this page on Google and I learned that there is another blog with the same title, though the other one seems to be some sort of radical political rant which for some reason unknown is related to Latin phrases from math books.

After spending a great many hours trying to trisect an angle, I am reminded of the great many hours that I have spent scribbling hopeful little candidates for 5-color maps, and the great many hours that I have spent searching tirelessly for an algebraic pattern to betray the secret behaviors of integer factorizations. Indeed, I feel compelled to work on the hopeless problems, those that can be stated in a sentence, those whose solution, should it ever appear, could be explained to children, those that have been fruitlessly pondered by the masters and are introduced to me shrouded with whispers of impossibility millennia old. And it somehow seems worthwhile. I am not sure what inspires this. I cannot quite tell if I am satisfying a gawker's curiosity for an impossible problem, or if I harbor some insane hope of being the lucky individual upon whom the inspiration is finally thrust. I must officially claim the former.

I am also reminded that at one point I was not very enthralled by the topics of mathematics. I actually prayed that I could have an appetite for the math, and that I could really truly think it was interesting. And I do.

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