Friday, July 27, 2007

mumbai waves

This is a picture that I took near the 'Gateway of India' monument in Mumbai. I took very few pictures of Mumbai, but I found this particular scene positively compelling. Mumbai is surrounded and permeated by a particularly filthy piece of the Arabian Sea. Following a barrage of heavy rain, I was intrigued to see a large crowd of Indians standing near the sea wall, waiting in ecstatic abandon for the warm waves to wash over them. I think the spontaneity and freedom of it epitomizes something I very much love about the Indians. Where I come from, I am used to people rushing about grumbling and swearing and worrying about their hair when it rains. In India, they do not seem to complain about the weather, and I often see people drenched and given over to the sensual pleasures of a thick monsoon storm. I naturally missed the best of the pictures, and I was drenched to my chest before it was over.

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  1. Hey Nate & Joie - The family is over today (Gramma & Granpa, Amy, Peg) and they want to see Will. Are you planning to post pictures of him anytime soon? Much love from all of us. - Sarah