Friday, August 10, 2007

new year

Well, school has sprung. Today is the third day of classes, and I am exhausted. The student and staff turnover at this school is pretty substantial. The new preps complete the disorientation of Nate Burchell.

I am teaching Calculus now, which I am excited for. I like calculus because of its utter genius. The simplicity of the elemental ideas involved contrast nicely with the powerful complexity of the results. I enjoy sharing that, and if one or two students walk away with a deep appreciation of this beauty, I will have done something well.

Ninth grade math is an adventure for me right now. Many of the students are new to the school, and all of the students are timid and well-behaved. In point of fact, they scurry through the crowded halls in furtive fear of high school. Yesterday one quiet girl saw me in the hall and said, "Good morning, sir," which made me feel a little sad. I wanted to say, "Don't be polite to me, I won't even know your name for another month and even then I'll screw it up and embarrass you!" After one class, about eight students came up to thank me. I guess I do not know how to react. They seem to get over it by eleventh grade, I have learned.

Statistics class is better now that I have taught it for a year, but I am the most boring in that class.

Update on the card game: I was showing off my cool card game to my calc class and drew {6, 7, 9, 22 | 3}, which does not have a solution that I have found. I didn't want to lose their interest, so after repeating the step about staring blankly, I drew another set, {7, 11, 15, 3 | 12}. In both cases, I have not yet come up with a solution, and behold, the hubris of the newly-entertaining math teacher has been laid low. My faith in the card game is also on the line. Feel free to tell me if you find a solution, but know that I will not sleep well until this is resolved.

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  1. We need to work on our nerd jokes in the math department. You know, keep them coming back for more. Why was six afraid of seven? No, not nerdy enough...