Thursday, September 13, 2007

same thing we do every day, pinky

I have recently volunteered to help out with the Model UN here at Woodstock. Next weekend I will be going to a conference at Doon School, located in Dehra Dun, the dusty metropolis at the bottom of our mountain.

The students are all researching the countries and committees they will be representing at the conference. So far, I have been able to contribute that I lived in Italy as an infant and I saw what I believed to be Indonesia from Singapore. My connections to Peru, South Africa, and Panama are even less noteworthy, if you can believe that. Taking inventory, I can already see myself grasping for respect in a tight situation and playing the only cards that I have for those countries. My sister lives in Colombia, which I am almost certain is next to Peru; I attended a talk by Desmond Tutu, who has been to South Africa; I know a palindrome about Panama.

Part of me is very interested in world politics, but admittedly a silent majority of me is much more interested in pirates. As a form of government, I mean. Like 'Model Mutineers', wherein a group of students stages a heartfelt debate over important commodities like rum and gold, which, contrary to all pretensions of our sophisticated governmental proceedings, really do keep the world running.

I am also in favor of a 'Model Illuminati' conference, for those students who really plan to go far. The 'Model Anarchy' club has been not meeting regularly for years.

For now, I shall try to content myself with the study of civilized governments, though I have a sneaky suspicion that they are all run by pirates and elitists anyway.

At this point I am reminded of a comment of mine (that I have forgotten) which evoked the response from Victor's dad: "You read too many story books."

Yes... Yes, I do.

My deliriously insincere apologies, this entire entry got away from me. I actually intended to express my newfound interest in MUN and instead I probably earned myself a file in the pentagon. I guess my proper appreciation of politics fits about as well as the neck tie that I will have to learn to affix by Friday.

I think that this quote might be the best explanation of my interest, my contempt, and my stake in politics:

"The greatest evil is not done in those sordid dens of evil that Dickens loved to paint but is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded, carried, and minuted) in clear, carpeted, warmed, well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voices."
-- C. S. Lewis

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  1. You articulate well what many feel about politics. I cannot disengage from political involvement, but I constantly remind myself that it's simply not a source of hope for anyone's betterment. Clive puts it well.