Saturday, November 24, 2007

Esther Anna Elisabeth

This is our new baby girl! She was born this morning at 8:05 AM. Mother and Annie are healthy.


  1. Mary Grace - She's adorable.
    Ruthie - She's so cute ! I can't wait to see her !
    Ellie - She's a honey !
    Grandpa - I approve !
    Grandma - Ohhhhhhhhh ! I want to hold her !
    Danny - Little !
    Davey - Awwwwww !

    Isn't she sweet - our new little neice !
    What a fine granddaughter !

  2. i think she's precious! and i simply adore the above comment! can we get a little account on what it's like to give birth in India? or not, just wondering. love to all!! :)

  3. How precious!! Your life will be changed by the power of this wee babe.

  4. I keep coming back to your blog for another look at Annie. What a sweet girl! Love the hair...

  5. what does her shirt say? mom

  6. The shirt says: "Party in my crib at 2 AM"