Wednesday, January 9, 2008

rickshaw will

We just got back from two days in Delhi to get a passport for Annie. My brain is pretty much fried, as Annie has not slept all night since she was born. Annie inside and Pahar Ganj outside gave us a long trip. Even so, we made it to KFC, Khan Market, the National Zoo, and to the INA market for avacados. And Will got behind the handlebars of a real live rickshaw...


  1. OK, Are things in such disarray in India that they allow even the young and intelligent to drive? This one looks like he has a real future
    Love the pics. Love the comments in your blogs.

  2. Oh my, how cute is that? Did he get any speeding tickets? Looks like Annie is hanging on for dear life. :) WIsh I could have been there.
    love you guys