Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Southward: This pictures shows the 'winterline', which is the fancy name given to the top of Dehra Dun's smog. It is visible all winter from Mussoorie, and it makes us feel like we just popped through the clouds in an airplane. The Mussoorie clock tower is visible in the lower part of the picture.

Northward: We took a walk to the top of the mountain today, and it was clear enough to see the snows. Will walked all the way up. I suppose that means that Will has a couple of strong little legs and some Wee Gillis lungs, but it also probably means that we are very close to the top of our mountain. We love being within an admirable toddle of this scenery.


  1. I like the picture of Will. Good trek up the mountain. How high up are you anyway? And Happy New Year!

  2. How high? High... as a kite by then... I think we are just above 7000 feet, but we are not at the top.