Tuesday, February 19, 2008

presidents of the united states of america

Today the guys on the Freakonomics blog pointed out that only one American president had a first name without an accented first syllable. I figured it out, but I also tried to think of all of the presidents. I only came up with 39. I used to know 42 or 41, however many there were when I learned the list. I'm not even sure who's missing at this point. I almost included Steven Tyler and George Harrison. I had Hubert Humphrey on the list because of the stupid metrodome. But 39, that's a pretty good show. Back at the Burchell homeschool, we got a penny for every president that we could list in order and I knew them all.

My dad only had to learn Jefferson Davis.


  1. I thought I was going to have to learn Robert E Lee, but the battle went the wrong way. Someday we'll get to learn a few more names, you just wait and see ...

  2. Mmm... Steven Tyler as president. Now that's an interesting thought....

  3. I was thinking of the penny for a president days even before you mentioned it. I loved earning money that way, but I might not even get a quarter these days... I'll have to work on that!