Monday, May 5, 2008

he talks anagram indeed

I duly pay my four rupees per day for the privilege of reading the Times of India. I have lately been far too busy to keep up with the crossword puzzles, but I generally try to read the comics and browse the puzzles and conundrums that spot that antepenultimate page. Today there was a Mindbender that told me to:

Rearrange these letters to give the name of a popular singer:

Now I enjoy anagrams as much as the next guy, (unless the next guy is blind, as Jordan would say), but this one took my feeble mind a few minutes. After failing at Mark Knopfler and Elvis Presley and Nat King Cole, my patience was running thin and I gave up in an understandably dejected manner. That's the kind of attention span I have these days. The answer is in the comments for this post.


  1. Lata Mangeshkar. No kidding.

  2. Boy am I glad I didn't spend 10 minutes or more trying to figure that out!!!