Monday, July 7, 2008

america: the forgotten blogs

Before I get further behind, here are five pictures from my summer.

We got our happy little family out of Redwood Cottage and down to the Woodstock School gate by 7am to meet our taxi. Our taxi took us down the hill to Dehra Dun, where we boarded a train for Delhi, where we made our way to the Indira Gandhi International Airport, where we waited eight hours to fly to Amsterdam to Minneapolis to Omaha. I think we were traveling for about 48 hours. Here are the young'uns on the first airplane.

Some time passed and we got Will into a boat on a small lake way up in Northern Minnesota. He didn't like the idea at first, but Will is a very good sport with not nearly enough fear. We saw some big fish and 'willy pads' on that lake.

More recently, we had a fourth of July with my whole family and I got to take pictures with our new camera.

Last night I went to a Brewers game to top off my dose of America for the summer.