Sunday, August 3, 2008


Well, I suppose I should break the awkward silence that my blog has become. We returned from the landofthefreehomeofthebrave over two weeks ago. I was supposed to spend the time settling in and focusing on the upcoming academic year, but instead I have been thrust into a wildly unexpected adventure. Will has been diagnosed with 'Primary Generalized Epilepsy'. Needless to say, it has been a rough end to the summer.

Joie and I are slowly reacting to this new development in our life. We never imagined that we could handle such a thing, but life goes on. I don't really have more to write for now, but I thought I would throw that out there because it has certainly been consuming many aspects of my life for a while now.


  1. You're doing fine, and I'm proud of you. Mom

  2. As a dad of a kid also with 'Primary Generalized Epilepsy' I wholehearted agree it is a scary and lifechanging experience. Nothing more challenging then watching one you love so much go through something you have no control over. As I know you know, God has control over the situation and over Will, even during a seizure. Plus your in India, where all of the best doctors in the "landofthefreehomeofthebrave" are from, so praise God for that. If you or Joie have any questions, or just want to vent, or whatever you can email me or my wife. We have been and are there. Interested in what medicine they prescribed for Will. We are praying for you. Sorry it took me a while to contact you. I have meant to since your mom told us.