Saturday, September 20, 2008

search result

Someone just came to my blog after googling 'porcupine ancestry'. This very blog was evidently on the second page of results, which means that someone somewhere in this big world of ours at 5:56:49 pm on September 16 2008 had already been disappointed by the first few search results and was probably uttering words to the effect of "Lan'sakes-alive! They say this inner net is so great... I can't find ennathang about porcupine ancestry." or "Blast! Confound it all. My plan is coming to ruination in the critical moments. I shall be ruling Europe within a week if only I can establish this beast's lineage." or "Pay up, man, not even Google says they're related to sea urchins." I will be amused for the rest of the day as I speculate about the webpage that could have satisfied such a query. I'm mostly sure that my blog didn't clear anything up.