Monday, September 29, 2008


Monsoon is finally over, which means I can walk to school without my umbrella. Gone are the torrential downpours on our tin roof, gone is the river that occasionally tumbled over the path in front of our house. The ferns are drying up to show that the oaken forest is no longer saturated with the soupy cold of rain and clouds. And we are spending more time outside, which means that we get to see fuzzy caterpillars...

...they supposedly sting, but I haven't checked yet. We see a fair number of moths, and some of them are shapes which seem unusual, but then I am not a mothist. This one seems to have antlers:
The ferns leave as quickly as they came. They are dried and brown in these pictures, but they are falling off the trees and soon all but the thicker Christmas Ferns will be gone until next monsoon.

This butterfly is kind of a dusty tan color on the outside, but the inside of the wings are an electric blue. As a photographer, I am not frantic enough to give you a blue action shot, so you will just have to take my word for it. Or visit.
Below is a small lizard of the skink type. I'm fairly sure the Latin name might be skinkus skinkus. They are soft little lizards, kind of a pewter grey with a copper shine. Their tails break off in an emergency, so sometimes we see them with crisp little cuts where their tails were. I caught one the other day and let Will try to catch it. He almost killed the poor thing, but we discussed gentleness with creatures and it was a learning experience. Skinks are pretty resilient. Today Will told me that story as I laid on the couch recovering from parent conferences. "Once a pon time... I caught a little lizard and Pappa caught a little lizard. "
And now that it is warm, the Burchell kids go for an occasional swim. They each get their own tub, and here Will is donating some of his water to Annie's tub while Annie tries to chart a course into Will's bigger tub. These two are most of the wildlife around here.


  1. cool pictures! I love you a lot.


  2. Nate,
    Thanks for the effort of posting these pictures. I really enjoy seeing the things you're doing. The blog is a good balm for me some days.
    With great love,

  3. Reading the blogs of Woodstock're in the great season now. That is a "blue bottle" butterfly if memory serves...blessings! Bill K.