Tuesday, December 2, 2008

roof of the world

We are always so refreshed when the days cool and the dust settles enough to see these mountains.
Usually we can see the nearby green mountains, but all summer long you would never guess there was a looming range of snow capped giants a little further out. We always feel like they 'come up' during the cool months, and it seems to challenge our sense of object permanence to admit their presence when we can detect no trace of them. We stand there and fill our lungs with the freshest air that this here subcontinent can offer, and it feels like it is rolling off the cold rocks and snow drifts.

These days are beautiful here in the mountains, and the evenings are sweet times of tea and woodfires with my darling, and sometimes a book. Last night it was full of grading calculus tests, and that was not as sweet.

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