Thursday, April 30, 2009

deadline online

I used to check up on the hometown news pretty regularly, but lately the online edition of the Brodhead Independent Register is more independent and less of a register. The front page says nothing of substance except (this isn't of substance either):

"Looking for more great local news?"

No, I'm looking for SOME great local news. I clicked on the "News" link and it says:

"E-mail your news
Email your local news items to the Independent-Register at ... Deadline is noon Friday. "

So I guess it's become kind of a self-service newspaper. And I cannot help but appreciate the audacity of having a deadline for those benevolent (if unproductive) readers. Does the print edition expect a reader to draw their own pictures and call around town to figure out who is having a rummage sale?

This strikes me as a very sustainable format for a newspaper.

On that note, my blog has not had anything thought provoking, clever, witty, or otherwise worthwhile in quite some time, so get on that, people. Deadline is noon Friday.


  1. we gave up the register... but we rather like the free press...

  2. In a similar vein, is a site that will occasionally give a pop up survey. If you say you want to take the survey, the first question asks you to rate the accuracy of the site. Hmmm. This is the site that reports the state - by - state outbreak of the h1n1 [aka swine flu].

  3. I still get the register in the mail from a gift subscription I received a while ago. I enjoy perusing it, though it's not quite the same. It's quite a big deal in our hometown, as we now have two newspapers (the second one being run by much of the staff that left the first one). I never thought I'd see the day when the register wasn't quite as homey as it used to be. However, part of that might be due to the fact that I don't know anyone in any of the high school photos anymore :) and even the police reports include names of people that I can't place now...