Thursday, June 4, 2009

calculus rhapsody video

I'm not sure this will work. I feel really low-tech right now. My internet connection is really slow so YouTube is not a regular part of my life or anything, but I thought that this was well done. I showed it in class and only 4 of 22 students have ever heard the real song, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Occasionally I feel old.

It reminds me of the time my high school math teacher read The Beloit List in our class. This is a list of various cultural phenomena which the current high school graduate would take for granted. Reading it to the current high school graduates is not without its irony, as the students respond (as predicted) to every statement with "yeah, so, hasn't it always been like that?" and the teacher alone has the opportunity to be amused. I am used to being the only one amused in my class.

It also made me realise that it is an ironical yet not uncommon occurrence to be exposed to a parody before you are aware of the original.


  1. Hey Nate - I think I'm often the only one amused in my class too. Thanks for posting the Beloit List link. And do I get extra credit for watching the Calculus Rhapsody? Fun, fun. I'll bet you aren't really the only one amused in your class afterall...


  2. hey....
    you never showed us fun stuff like this in class...
    Tenacious was definitely a good humored bunch and way more appreciative of good rock music ('rockademus' pooh...what does that even mean :p) so it wouldn't have been 4:22.