Monday, August 31, 2009

code snippets

I think I have found a way to post java code snippets into blogger. Netbeans will export selected code into an html file and the code is formatted nicely. I had only to put a few lines of style (if I can't have class, at least I have style, right?) into my blogger layout. The result is a bit tidier than the screenshots and it can be copied as text, for those of you who like to do that sort of thing.

On the down side, I think that blogger decided to lose my fern picture in the title box during all of that. Conservation of formatting, no doubt.


  1. I don't have class or style. I only have modules. Perl 5.1.0 rocks !


  2. I just love that Dad said something "rocks" with an exclamation point. : ) I miss the fern picture.