Sunday, November 8, 2009

activity week - kuari pass

I'm back from my activity week Himalayan trek to Kuari Pass in eastern Garhwal, where I had the privilege of beholding some fantastic views of Nanda Devi, a mountain named after a Hindu goddess. The trek was six days of invigoratingly fresh air and breathtaking altitudes. All went well and we didn't freeze or starve or fall into a gorge or get eaten by leopards or mauled by bears.


  1. So glad you are back home again, Nate. Thanks for these great pictures too. us Oldbergs in 'flat' Nebraska. :)

  2. Not freezing or starving or falling into a gorge or get eaten by leopards or mauled by bears is good.

    Dad [in WI]

    and those 2 pictures are wonderful. I expecially like the ones with stars.

  3. Great pics...really enjoyed. Tell me how you took the picture with the stars with a digital camera. Must've used a tripod ...what exposure (aperture and timing did you use?)

  4. I'm jealous. Though I can't complain because Dehradun was...well...never mind.


  5. These images are amazing. I'd love to see more!


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    Keep blogging :)

  7. Thanks, Nate, for your pictures and commentary. I love how you paint with both.