Thursday, January 14, 2010

jaipur - amber fort

Here Will is looking through one of the many little windows in the fort. It was a maze of a place with little rooms everywhere around a big courtyard. It made us all think of hide and seek.

Here I can see Will, Joie and Eleanor across the courtyard. I think Will is showing his claws here. Lately he has been showing his tiger claws and declaring in a fierce growling voice "I am Shere Khan! Give me my man-cub!"


  1. Great pictures, Nate. Incredible mosaics and artistic designs. Who would have thought to do such intricate work on a fort? Loved the added pictures of the family too. Thank you!!!

  2. Yeah, that last post was by your mother-in-law. I just forgot to mention that. :) oops

  3. wow. great photos, nate! mom