Sunday, February 28, 2010

will quotes

So I noticed recently that while nobody really seems interested in my posts about abstract computing theories, it is always a hit when I tell funny stories about Will.

Joie has been diligently teaching Will his numbers and his alphabet, but his progress is slow. Every once in a while he casually takes an interest in the games that we try to encourage and one of his favorite questions for us is, "What number starts with 'car'?"

A few days ago on the return trip from the bazaar we found ourselves about to start walking up Mullingar Hill, a long steep winding climb at the near end of our bazaar. The hill is quite steep and we frequently see drivers stop to let traffic pass and then need to roar their engine like a jet to get moving again. Guys on motorcycles sometimes have to make a few of their friends get off and walk up the hill. Will looked up at the coming climb with an air of weary discouragement. "I'm not gonna like this... upping thing," he said, all the more pathetic for being unable to come up with the word "hill".

That's my boy.


  1. Upping things can take it out of you, for sure. Will, you'll be able to run all day here where it is flat. Danny has recently consented to learn my version of the alphabet, having previously been quite satisfied with his own. He still leaves some off, but the song always rhymes. Nate, it's not that I don't want to comment on your abstract computing theories... it's just that I... CAN'T. Love you both! Mom/GrandmaKate

  2. I love this, AND I love that litte boy!!!! Yup, no upping things here in Blair either, well, not REAL ones like you have in Missourrie

  3. I love the 'Will' quotes!