Monday, May 17, 2010

moving on

We are down to our last month in India. After a quick month in the USA, we will be heading off to Seoul, where I will teach at Yongsan International School. Joie and I are very excited about this new direction in our life. We will miss Woodstock and the people here and life in Redwood Cottage, where we have spent most of our last four years, most of our marriage, and most of our time with Will and Annie.


  1. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. That last month is happy and sad and I hope that you are all able to leave feeling very pleased. Take your walks to the bazaar and around the mountain and try not to get too caught up in the busy-ness of your move to just enjoy the gifts you have in India.

    We are very excited for your next adventure to begin...

  2. yes, take those walks, and even more will always be part of the Woodstock family/experience. You have touched many young lives for good and inspired even old geezers like myself.

    Hope you'll still blog we can keep up with your adventure! Blessings! Bill K.

  3. looking forward to seeing you this summer... enjoy your last days in India, hope they are restful and reflective for you. Can't wait to see you, though!! And your wife, and those beautiful kids of yours!!

  4. Well, well, Mr. Burchell, so you are leaving Woodstock even before I get to come back for a revisit. Hopefuly you have enjoyed the 4 years teaching maths and inspiring seniors to go on do maths in universities :)
    Guess what, I have my Microeconomics exam on Monday and it is really more math than economics - all about doing Lagrangean equations and a lot of other messy differential calculus. And I won't mention the actual math courses :)
    So all the best to you and your family in your new travels and teaching experience in Korea (why there??). Good luck!