Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well, our last days at Woodstock have been full of packing what we need and getting rid of what we don't. The very real constraints of space and weight and their costs have made us sharpen our ideas of what is important among the piles of our papers and clothes and other junk which has become such a burden in the light of our impending move. It is refreshing and liberating, and a bit melancholy. I feel like Ma Joad sitting next to her wood stove, taking one last look and pushing into the flames those papers that need to not make the trip. Quite literally, as this process has included some actual pushing letters into the wood stove.

That is something special about traveling, is a more frequent need to let go, to evaluate. Sometimes I just want a big attic or a garage with the potential to hold on to any box of papers I simply do not want to decide about. And other times I enjoy the healthy feeling of being rid.

And the leaving is very anticlimactic as we say goodbyes and then see people a few more times, or don't say goodbye because we didn't realize we wouldn't run into somebody during these last few frantic days. C'est la vie.


  1. counting down...

  2. Yep. I've been watching a few people pack to leave for summer or to leave for good. So this week I started pretending I had somewhere to go and began culling the extras in our cabinets and drawers. Merciless.

    I also sometimes wish I had an attic and could decide the importance of a few things later on. You know those reality shows that force people to get rid of junk? (Yes, some people watch stuff like that, but not me, not since I got rid of a TV : ) ). Anyway, better solution than having them make piles all over their driveway would be to hand them two suitcases and give them a weight limit. There you go!

  3. love you :)

    as I try not to think about our inevitable move, which will probably be next year sometime, you make me realize I really do need to go through all those old boxes! Right now we have the space to keep and fester things, but if we move to an apartment in the future, we can't afford an extra bedroom just for stuff!! Yes, it's good to declutter.

    I also loved your reference to the grapes of wrath. Ron and I watched that not too long ago, too...