Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a post!

There is a swelling volume of blog posts out there apologizing for neglected blogs. These insincere notes, when conjured to our screens from the recesses of the internet where they lie etched in indelible patterns of electrical charges that will outlive some of our most intentional achievements, tell of excuses and good intentions. These posts do provide some philosophical substance... to ponder how many such posts occupy space and energy in this internet... to consider how many such posts punctuate our unobserved efforts as we, like Father Mckenzie from Eleanor Rigby, are writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear... But I do not intend to apologize and I have no very good reason for abandoning the blog or for coming back to it. I guess it ends up as such a post anyway.

But I wanted to shout out from South Korea, as I have not yet posted since I moved here several months ago. After a busy summer and a busier semester, I still feel like I have just arrived in Seoul.


  1. always good to hear from you. congratulations on your new daughter!

  2. Welcome back, lad.
    Love, much,