Tuesday, March 13, 2012

miniature v-12

This video is fantastic. I can't imagine undertaking a project of this precision with such satisfying results.


I found this site, gyroscope.com. Now I want a radiometer, some aerogel, and a brass lecture gyroscope. And while I'm making this list, put me down for a 4-cylinder engine. Somewhere I have a little piece of "magnetic field viewer", but not a 6" by 6" sheet. Watch the videos for these items. They could make anyone more of a scientist.

nano printing

This is from the Vienna University of Technology. Three-dimensional printing at the bafflingly miniscule level. I'm not sure this car costs any less than a real one. There is probably a u-shaped size-cost curve with the minimum price being right around matchbox scale. I found this on Slashdot.