Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I recently had the opportunity to travel to Bangkok, Thailand for a teacher conference. Unfortunately, Joie and the little ones could not join me. They would have enjoyed the balmy weather and the amazing fruit and the new streets and the hundreds of little details that would remind us all of life in India. I did manage to put in a few miles of exploring.

This is a heap of raw minerals and semiprecious stones that seemed to be destined for the jewelry industry. I bought a small piece of labradorite (not in the picture), which is a dark rock that has a deep shimmer of blue and green like a peacock. It is beautiful.
At one point I was waiting out a rainstorm and I took a bunch of pictures of the traffic in front of a particularly bright pharmacy. The rickshaws are more spacious than the ones in Delhi. Also, the taxis were brightly colored, like green and pink and yellow.
The fruit stands always remind me of my roots, those summers working the Sweet Corn Lady stand. I enjoyed many plates of pineapple and watermelon and jackfruit that was served during the conference. The pink fruit on the right with green floppy spikes is called dragonfruit, and while I didn't find it to be spectacular, it was exotic and new for me and I enjoyed that. It has lots of seeds throughout, little black seeds like kiwi seeds but pointing every direction and equally dense all the way to the edge of the fruit. The flesh is whitish and soft and wet like a ripe pear but not gritty and not as sweet. Jackfruit is a great big thing that reminds me a bit of a durian except that it is edible and you can breathe near it. The jackfruit is big (like the size of your head) and green with little spikes all over it. They cut it open and inside are a bunch (maybe dozens?) of little yellow hollow pieces shaped like bell peppers but with a consistency that reminds me of an under-ripe peach. They are pleasant.

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