Monday, March 10, 2014

far simoorie

Forgotten, forgotten the sweat of the shambles
Where the hill-daisy blooms and the gray monkey gambols

In "The Ballad of Boh Da Thone", Rudyard Kipling describes a rather horrific turn of events in colonial India.  I came across it yesterday as I was helping Will find a poem to recite.  I didn't suggest Boh Da Thone.  The lines above felt very personal, I've watched those gray monkeys gambol, and I like to imagine the hill-daisy as the dahlia that peppered the hillside.  I think the shambles refers to the less retiring places of India, while the captain is reflecting from his perch in Simoorie.  The site above notes that Simoorie refers to Mussoorie, which I had suspected before.

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  1. Thank God you didn't suggest Boh Da Thone, otherwise the kid would have got bored, trying to understand something that doesn't belong to his own country .I'd rather suggest you to try something that belongs to his.Like "The European colonization of the America" . Here is the link on Wikipedia : . He'oud rather get fascinated knowing about how his ancestors were dealt with.. instead of getting bored.