Wednesday, August 13, 2014

three Mongolia pictures

I recently went to Mongolia with Will, and while I am not up to any sort of a narrative, I will submit to you a few disjointed images.  First of all, Mongolia is huge, with endless prairies and rolling hills and a sky like what you see in Illinois, but without all the water towers and airplane trails.  A few hours out of the capital, there are no paved roads, just dirt paths.  Sometimes these paths are four or five lanes across, where new parallel tracks have been created by people staying out of the muddy ruts of the other roads.  It is rare that vehicles meet, so when they do, the drivers usually stop and chat for a minute.  

This picture shows a ger (rhymes with "hair"), one of the sturdy tent-houses that so many Mongolians call home.  The gers have wooden frames with heavy felt coverings to protect against the elements.  Many Mongolians are nomadic herders living in houses like this.  The one in the picture is a bit more battered than many that we saw.  The herders raise sheep, goats, cows, horses, camels, and there seems to be plenty of room for everyone. 

This picture shows a stop sign, and I enjoy the different alphabet. Or maybe I'm missing some cultural differences and this isn't a stop sign. It could say Go Faster! I can't read Mongolian.

Finally, this is one of many desperate pictures from a moving vehicle, so the quality is poor, but it shows a man on his motorcycle, herding his goofy two-hump camels.  He's livin' the dream. 

It was a privilege to visit this land. 

Mongolian wildflowers