Monday, February 23, 2015

film films

So three out of the last four "Best Picture" Oscar awards have gone to movies about making movies, unless I am very much mistaken.  Birdman (2015), Argo (2013), and The Artist (2012), were all about film makers.  I have not seen any of these, and I am not berating their quality.  It seems reasonable, in point of fact, that perhaps movie people are most passionately invested in the telling of a tale about movie people, and perhaps these films truly are of a superior quality.  Maybe film films simply make up a growing percentage of the movies produced, signaling some sort of trend in which the modern audience, no longer content with a story, wants to pick and peel at the story beneath the story.  Or maybe, just maybe, someone has discovered that the kingmakers of Hollywood are less inspired by other industries and are, as Watson said of Holmes in "The Adventure of the Red Circle", "accessible upon the side of flattery".

Anyway, no film debate to see here, I'm just reacting to a question about potential bias in a measurement.

Like all of those blog posts about blogging. 

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  1. Hello Nate!Used to follow your interesting blogs here when you were at Woodstock. See you are living an interesting life as a math teacher in Seoul. Good for you! I'm still fiddling and trying to be useful in retirement. Enjoyed reading your blog on your Mongolia trip with pictures. If you have time and inclination bring me up to speed about family and what you enjoy about your job. Bill K