Tuesday, February 10, 2015

useless knowledge

I laughed at myself today.  I was skimming a news article and I saw this headline for a different article at the bottom of the page: 

9 Facts About Lemon Water You Should Know

My indignant reaction was, "There is not room in my life for 9 facts about lemon water."  That actually passed through my mind.  I'm a busy man!  Or in the words of Fezzik, "Don't pester him, he's had a hard day".  I resented being told what I "Should Know", and I'm not even sure there are nine facts about lemon water (I didn't read the article).  I started thinking on some tangent about Sherlock Holmes claiming that the mind was like an attic, and we need to guard against the accumulation of useless knowledge.  I agreed with Holmes as I rejected the useless lemon water link.  Then I looked up at the headline of the intellectual and newsworthy article I had been reading:  Rare Case of Conjoined Lizard Twins Found at Germany Zoo. 

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  1. I have resisted searching for "co-joined lizards". I must say that I never expected to see these words sequentially in a sentence.

    Nate, I enjoy lurking in your blog.